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Since our founding as a family company in 1927 the NBK Architectural Terracotta name has been synonymous with Façade innovation and collaboration within the Architectural community.  Key to our success is our passion and dedication to research and development which has made NBK the leading Terracotta Façade company in the market today.


TERRART® terracotta facades have opened up a completely new dimension in façade design and has been embraced by architects around the world for outstanding versatility, design flexibility and building performance characteristics. 



Custom Design Solutions

The TERRART®-system can accommodate the finest design details in shape, color, texture and glaze for unique, tailored solutions. A new dimension for façade design with urban tradition and modern façades - new standards in custom architecural projects.


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TERRART® Support Systems

The patented TERRART® rainscreen system, developed within the TERRART® product range, comprises just fifteen individual components that ensures outstanding system integration in any classical or contemporary wall construction.

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